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LuAnnh aw

LuAnnh aw started this conversation
I am a more than middle age woman. I recently moved to ID after living in CA all my life, couldn't afford CA.
On 8/21/17 same day as eclipse in ID I will be having a major hip replacement that's been needed so long 1leg is 3 in shorter than other. I live in Melba, there is no public transportation there. Thru no fault if my own, 2 days ago I am without a car. My only income is $735 SSI per month & I can't make ends meet as is. HELP. Between physical therapy & all appt I need a car
Thank u
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woman in a shoe
Hi this is only a info site there no resources that helps with a car or anything to do with a car. Most physical therapy u can call they send a little bus or a van and they take u back home.
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